Bringing a New Deal to a New Generation

As generations of Americans that have no personal memory of the Roosevelt Era emerge, it is more critical than ever that the lives and legacies of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt be preserved and presented to new generations. The FDR Presidential Library and Museum stands ready to serve as a visible and valuable resource for the American people, children and families, academics, policy analysts, and an international audience seeking to understand the past to make a better tomorrow.

The Roosevelt Institute, the nonprofit partner to the FDR Library, is seeking contributions and partners as we complete the first full-scale renovation of the Library since it was built.  We seek to renew and rededicate the Library with innovative education programs, special exhibits, public forums, online access to historical documents, and more. At the Library’s original dedication on June 30, 1941, FDR declared:

The dedication of a Library is in itself an act of faith. To bring together the records of the past and . . . preserve them for the use of men and women living in the future, a nation must believe in three things. It must believe in the past.  It must believe in the future.  It must, above all, believe in the capacity of its people so to learn from the past that they can gain in judgment for the creation of the future.

Please join us in this renewal of the Roosevelt Library, so that we can bring A New Deal to a New Generation.

Campaign Summary

The Library Renovation:  In 2010, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum undertook a three year renovation of its facility, scheduled for a June 30, 2013 completion. With fdrlibpic1.jpgthe exception of two wings added in 1972 in honor of Mrs. Roosevelt, this is the first major improvement to the Library’s facilities and systems since it was completed in 1941.  The renovation is funded through two separate Congressional appropriations totaling $35 million. While carefully preserving the building's historic appearance that FDR designed, the renovation includes major improvements in storage space, plumbing and electrical systems, and improved visitor amenities, including, for the first time, full accessibility for people with disabilities.

A New Deal for a New Generation CampaignUnder the leadership of its board of directors and a board subcommittee, The Roosevelt Institute, as the 501c3 nonprofit partner to the FDR Library, is undertaking a $1.25M private one-year fundraising campaign to support initiatives that are not covered by the Congressional appropriation, but that are critical to ensuring that the Library can continue and expand its mission to preserve the legacies of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and to serve as a significant historical resource for the nation and the world. 

To carry forward the work of the Library’s renovation, Roosevelt Institute support for the following initiatives is critical:


  • Education programs to engage both younger and adult students as well as their teachers in lesson plan development;
  • Innovative permanent and temporary exhibitions;
  • Improved online presence, including document digitization for greater access of primary sources for students and scholars around the country and around the world;
  • Robust public programs and development of partnerships to foster greater involvement among the local community as appropriate;
  • Promotion and marketing to support public awareness. 

The Campaign and the renovation will culminate with a major renewal celebration planned for June 30, 2013, the 72nd anniversary of President Roosevelt’s original dedication of the Library.  In its new format and with significant promotion, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Museum and Library will undoubtedly continue its role as a critical historical resource and educational destination, while inspiring A New Deal for a New Generation.

Click here to support this campaign. Please consider a generous donation. If you would like further information on making a gift, or have any questions not addressed in the FAQs below, please get in touch with us at (212) 444-9130.