Daily Digest - January 10: Unemployment Can't Be Solved With a Bus Ticket

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Marco Rubio to Jobless: Get Out Of Town (MoJo)

Erika Eichelberger speaks to Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal about Marco Rubio's plan to give unemployed people subsidies to move to low-unemployment areas. Mike says that this plan won't solve the problem of long-term unemployment.

The War Over Poverty (NYT)

Paul Krugman argues that the war on poverty should be seen as a template for success for the progressive movement. The narrative has shifted such that poverty is no longer seen as an example of moral deficiency, which makes anti-poverty programs more politically viable.

Why The Republican’s Old Divide-and-Conquer Strategy — Setting Working Class Against the Poor — Is Backfiring (Robert Reich)

Robert Reich argues that the Republicans, who continue to oppose policies that help the poor, such as food stamps and minimum wage increases, are running into problems because of the growth of the working poor, who need those programs to make ends meet.

Showdown vote ahead on Senate Democrats’ bill to extend jobless benefits (WaPo)

Paul Kane reports on the coming fight to pass Harry Reid's proposal for emergency unemployment insurance, which extends the program through November but cuts benefits to 31 weeks. Reid has shut down amendments to the bill, and an all-or-nothing vote will likely be held on Monday.

Universal Preschool Push Will Test Cuomo’s Commitment to New York Women (The Nation)

Bryce Covert uses the push for universal pre-K in New York to explain why it's impossible to split social and economic agendas. Pre-K isn't just an education issue; it's also about parents' ability to work, which makes this an economic issue that tax cuts can't solve.

Pinprick: Six Reasons Why Civil Fines Don't Deter Corporate Wrongdoers (PolicyShop)

David Callahan lists reasons that even massive fines like those JPMorgan Chase has been hit with don't eliminate illegal behaviors. The most important reason is that these fines don't cause any real damage to the individuals making the decisions for the corporation.

New on Next New Deal

Obama's 'Promise Zones' Have Potential if They Include Anchor Institutions

Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network National Field Strategist Joelle Gamble writes that the administration would do well to focus on anchor institutions, which the Roosevelt Institute's new Rethinking Communities initiative is doing, as it works to encourage local economic growth.