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For more information about the Roosevelts, consider reading these articles by Roosevelt Institute founder Ambassador William vanden Heuvel:

Or examine our Series on the Diplomatic and Economic History of the Franklin Roosevelt Administration.


New Deal Network: An educational guide to the Great Depression and FDR's New Deal.

This archive of over 20,000 historical documents and photos provides a rich background on the Great Depression, the New Deal, and the economic history of America circa the 1930s.  The New Deal Network provides classroom resources for teachers, a discussion forum for historians and professors, and special features highlighting understudied topics from the Great Depression.


Archives in the Attic: Documents of the Great Depression from Family Collections

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Where do you find the primary documents — the letters, the photographs, the raw materials of history — that tell the story of the Great Depression and the New Deal? The public holdings of the great national archives are one source. The National Archives and Records Administration, the Library of Congress, and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library are destinations on the itinerary of every historian of the 1930s.

But that history also resides in shoeboxes, scrapbooks, and family photo albums — as prized family mementoes or hidden away in attics and closets. This New Deal Network feature consists of contributions submitted by readers from their personal family collections. To view these contributions visit the Contributors Page. To learn more about researching your family's history, visit the Resources Page

"Forty-Year Loan Repaid In Five By Chatham Negro Who 'Just Couldn't Sleep In Debt' "
A newspaper article about Ollie Burnett, "the first Negro farm family in the United States to repay their 40-year farm purchase loan to the Farm Security Administration." Contributed by his grandchildren.
Edgar F. Pohlmann, Engineering Aide, Hiwassee Dam, TVA
Pohlmann's photographs of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Hiwassee Dam in North Carolina. Contributed by his son, Don Pohlmann.
West Dante WPA Sewing Project
A photograph and description of the West Dante, West Virginia, WPA Sewing Project. Contributed by project supervisor Mae Dingus Culbertson.
Harold Sims: Artist and CCC Cadet
A photograph and description of CCC cadet Harold Sims, with his painting of President Roosevelt. Contributed by his daughter, Suzanne Sims Baker.
Seven Months of Boyhood Adventures
An account of Robert N. Bowie's travels with his best friend, J. Leon Pickens, around the United States in 1931. Contributed by his grandson, James I. Bowie.